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傅强拥有法律语言学的硕士学位,该专业探索法律与语言之间的关系。傅强曾担任大学讲师,并在著名汉字学家唐汉先生的指导下协助编纂《说文解字大字 典》。在研习汉字的过程中开发出一套全新的汉字学习体系。他编辑出版了若干汉字学习教材:《给力汉字》(最常用1100汉字系列一、二、三),《发现汉字 之美》(汉字中级课程)。



Karina Thorne

瑞娜拥有商学学士学位,现正在攻读诺丁汉大学的语言教育数字化技术硕士学位。在上中学时,被充满激情的老师所感染,并全然享受学习过程。现在,瑞娜 正尝试通过慕课(MOOCs)、网络研讨会(Webinars)和播客(Podcast)开展在线学习。她也通过自己的博客Learn Experience Teach (学习、体会、教学)传达自己的在线学习经验。

正是想将自己的教学、学习经验和汉语学习的体会合而为一,播客“学知客”应运而生。学知客是瑞娜和傅强共同 创办的教师和学习者合作的平台。通过和专家、新人讨论,我们探讨教学与学习原则是如何激励课堂教学的。


Leo Fu holds a Master Degree in Legal Linguistics, which explores the relationship between law and language, and has previously worked as a University lecturer. Notably, he has worked with renowned Chinese Character scholar, Professor Tang, on both the compilation of a Chinese Character dictionary — Dictionary of Explaining 9353 Chinese Characters, and the development of a brand new Chinese learning system. He is also the author of series text book: The Most Frequently Used 1100 Chinese Characters (Books One, Two and Three) and What’s in A Chinese Character: the International Course.
Academically, he specialized in multiple subjects, including social theory, political theory, anthropology and archaeology, and has utilized the Western Scientific Approach into character study, so as to find a better way to facilitate understanding for international learners.
Now he has committed himself with his friend Karina to building a learning platform, Educollaborate, to learn, to teach and to share with international friends.
 Karina Thorne
Karina Thorne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, and is currently working towards a Masters in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching with the University of Nottingham. Since her early years of secondary school, she has been inspired by passionate teachers and thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning languages. More recently, she has begun to experiment with e-learning through MOOCs, webinars and podcasts. And writes about these experiences in her aptly named blog, Learn Experience Teach. Indeed, wanting to combine her interests of teaching, learning and studying Chinese, the podcast project, Educollaborate, was born.
Educollaborate is a a collaboration between teachers and learners in China, co-hosted with Leo. Through discussion with experts and newbies alike, we discover how the principles of teaching and learning, may invigorate classroom practice, today.

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